Bible Phonics Plus Reviews

Teacher - Naomi

" I've been a teacher for past 15 years and its my passion, I highly recommend Bible Phonics Plus, I haven't seen anything quite like this". 

Grandfather - Mark

"God made Daniel and the three (3) Hebrew boys ten (10) times wiser than the men of his generation, I believe God wants to do that for my grand-daughter and your grand children, Bible Phonics Plus was that beginning for us".

Teacher - Evette

"From a teachers perspective, I can tell you Bible Phonics Plus is the tool to use, it's interactive and they learn to read very quickly".

Parent - Sarah

" Alexa was struggling to read until she started working with Bible Phonics Plus and now she is reading and loving it".

Parents - Jenn and Jim

Jenn - " Bible Phonics Plus it helped our family."

Jim - "When we got Bible Phonics Plus it was like a gift from God, now the learning is engaging and interactive, not only are they happy but they are learning."

Parents - Amanda and Demetre

Amanda - "Our oldest was really struggling to read until we got Bible Phonics Plus and now they are both reading and loving it."

Demetre - "Our kids love Bible Phonics Plus. it was so easy to use they were reading before we knew it"

Teacher - Chanel

" As a teacher I highly recommend Bible Phonics Plus to any parent, Bible Phonics Plus offers a very strong Biblical foundation married with a solid background for education."