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Give your child the reading skills they need to succeed in life...

Bible Phonics Plus program Level 2 which comprises of 2 workbooks, 3 reading books and animated phonics praise and worship songs.

Phonics Plus Level 2 Books Only (Grade 1 to 3)

  • Welcome to World of Bible Phonics Plus

    Bible Phonics Plus level 2 Books Only Edition


    Bible Phonics Plus is the only faith-based learning program of its kind in the world. It integrates state-of-the-art learning technology with Bible principles introducing your child to a new, exciting world of easy reading and positive life-changing values.

    Imagine your child reading and just enjoying the experience.

    Imagine your child comfortably recognizing letters and letter-sounds.

    Imagine your child reading and pronouncing words long before other children in their age group.

    Bible Phonics Plus follows the scientific guidelines developed over the years by the world's most respected reading specialists: PHONICS, PHONEMIC AWARENESS, VOCABULARY BUILDING, COMPREHENSION & FLUENCY.

    At the same time we foster your child's cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development.

    This scientific teaching tool is packed with practice exercises, games, songs and workbooks. All designed to engage your child's imagination and creative abilities.




    Elements of LEVEL 2 – 6-8 years



    • Long Vowels Workbook
    • Blends and Digraphs Workbook



    • Our Savior is Born
    • The Shepherd King
    • The Exodus


    1 Level 2 Parent/Teacher's Guide

    1 Set of Bible Phonics Plus Reward Stickers


    2 workbooks

    3 story books

    1 Parent/Teacher Guide

    1 set of BPP stickers



    Level 2 works along with our Level 2 App bundle which can be download via the amazon store as well as the google play store.

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