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Bible Phonics Plus

Level 1 Apps

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Ready to Read ABC Alphabet App


This app is designed to reinforce children’s knowledge of letter sounds, letter names and initial sounds in words. 

This app features the song God Loves Me. It teaches the child the sounds and the names of the letters of the alphabet.  Studies have shown that Music is a valuable teaching tool.  Music makes complex concepts more accessible and enjoyable, as well as, facilitates language learning.  Upbeat or uplifting music also may enhance cognitive abilities.  God Loves Me tells of the love that God has for us by sending His son Jesus to set us free and Jesus coming again to take us to heaven with Him.

There are two levels in this app – the beginner and advanced level.  The objective of the game is to catch the letters and objects that are related to the letter shown at the top right hand corner of the screen.


Animated Alphabet Phonics Praise and Worship Songs App

This app features the 26 letters of the alphabet (sounds and names) set to music and animation which highlights stories and foundational truths and concepts in the Bible.


Music, according to research, is a great way to engage your child in powerful lessons, such as, teaching them social and emotional skills. As a recent meta-analysis found, these skills help boost academic performance; improve problem-solving and decision-making; and reduce behavioral problems and emotional distress.


You and your child will experience hours and hours of fun, learning and singing these praise and worship songs.


a – Noah and the ark

b – Barak and his 10,000 men in battle

c – Alter Call

d – David danced before the Ark

e – Enter God’s house with singing

f – Jesus is my Friend

g – Gideon and his trumpet

h – Jesus makes us happy

i – Instructed, Informed, Ignited and Increased by God’s Word

j – Joy

k – God is King

l – Lighted Lamps

m – Jesus fills my heart with music

n – I am never alone

o – Offering of love, praise and talent

p – Power of Praise

q – Queen Esther

r – Jesus is the Solid Rock

s – I am Saved

t – Timothy

u – Jesus saves to the uttermost

v – I’ve got the Victory

w – We Win With Jesus

x – Elisha and the axe head

y – Yahweh

z – Marching to Zion

CVC Short Vowels App

This app teaches the short vowel sounds in an interactive and fun way using the CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) format. These five short sounds make such a difference in what words say and mean.  This skill is also an area that some children struggle with.  Repetition in this area will ensure that your emergent and early reader clearly distinguishes between each middle sound and therefore reduce the likelihood of imposing the wrong vowel sound and misinterpreting the content read. The God Made You and Me short vowel song teaches the short vowel sounds.  The song expresses the fact that God made the animals, plants and He also made you and me.  The child will appreciate the fact that God is the creator of everything around them.  Research suggests that music lights up various regions of the brain related to language, hearing and motor control.  It also is highly pleasurable and sustains the attention. The app takes your child to the short vowel menu buttons.  The menu buttons directs your child to the various CVC games.  This app has two levels of play – the beginner and advanced level.  The objective of the game is to catch the correct letter to complete the CVC words as indicated on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Bible Phonics Plus E-Books

( Pre K to Grade 3)

The 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments E-Book teaches your child the Ten Commandments in a clear and simple manner using references and examples from the Bible. (Ages 2-5)

God’s Wondrous Creation

The Cod’s Wondrous Creation E-Book beautifully highlights everything God did over the six days of creation. (Ages 2-5)

The Shepherd King

The Shepherd King E-Book highlights two key points in David’s early life. One, he is anointed by Samuel to be the next king of Israel. Two, he fights and wins Goliath and becomes the champion of Israel. (Ages 2-5)

Moses – The Exodus

The Moses - Exodus E-Book takes your child on a fascinating journey in the life of Moses from his birth to the exodus from Egypt. 

(Ages 2-5)

Our Savior is Born

The Our Savior is Born E-Book gives the account of the birth of Jesus.It tells the story of Mary, Joseph, the wise men and shepherds welcoming and worshiping Jesus Christ the Savior King. (Ages 2-5)

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Frequently Used Words

Frequently used words assist children to become faster and more fluent readers. Knowledge of these words also increases children’s vocabulary and aids in comprehension of texts. Each Level is designed for specific age groups: Frequently Used Words 1 (2-5 years), Frequently Used Words 2 (2-5 years), Frequently Used Words 3 (Grades 1-3) and Frequently Used Words 4 (Grades 1-3).

Sight Words

Sight words are usually words that children identify instantly (within three seconds) and can read without having to use decoding skills.  Each Level is designed for specific age groups: Sight Words 1 (2-5 years), Sight Words 2 (Grades 1-3) and Sight Words 3 (Grades 1-3).