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Bible Phonics Plus

Level 2 Apps

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R-controlled Vowels App

When a vowel is followed by an r, it makes a special sound.  These vowels are called r-controlled vowels – ar; er; ir; or; ur. The vowel song teaches the child the sounds of the vowels together with vowel words controlled by the letter r.The song also highlights that Jesus is in control of everything.Nothing happens in our lives that He is not aware or control of. There are over 50 r-controlled vowel words for your child to discover as they play the games.

Long Vowels App

This app teaches your child to use the long vowels and exposes them to their sounds. The long vowel song teaches the child the long vowel sounds while fortifying within the child, how amazing God’s Word is.If God said it; I believe it; I know His Word is true.The long vowel sounds featured in this app are: a_e; ai; ay; e_e; ee, ea, i_e; ie; igh; o_e; oa; oe; u_e; ue; ew; long e – y; long e – ey; long i – y; short oo; long oo; eu; ei; ea; aw; au; eer; ore; eigh; ey; ie; long o – ow; ou; ow; oi; oy’ ew; are; air; ear. There are over 300 long vowels words for your child to explore.

Consonant Digraph and Silent Letters APP


This app highlights digraphs – sh; ch; wh; th (voiced); th (unvoiced).  Consonant digraphs are letters that come together to make one sound.  The silent letters taught are: l; k; b; w and p. The digraph song teaches the sounds of the digraphs – sh; ch; wh; th (voiced); th (unvoiced).  It highlights words that feature the various digraphs.  Your child will also learn about singing and making music unto the Lord in one voice which results in His glory filling the place.There are over 100 digraphs and silent words for your child to learn as they play the games.  The games serve to reinforce the child's grasp of the digraph and silent letter sounds.

Beginning Blends APP

In order for your child to read proficiently, they need to learn how to blend individual sounds smoothly together into words without choppy pauses between the sounds.  This app will assist  your child with the skill of blending letters to make words. The blends your child will learn are: bl; cl; fl; gl; pl; sl; br; cr; dr; fr; gr’ pr; tr; wr; sc; sk; sm; sn; sp; st and sw.  There are approximately 300 beginning blend words for your child to learn.  There are also over 40 sentences featuring the beginning blend words. The beginning blend song featured in the app tells how God made the rainbow with colors blended together in beauty and harmony.  Your child will also practice the sounds of the beginning blends and their words.

Ending Blends APP

This app highlights the ending blends.  Your child needs to learn how to blend individual sounds smoothly in order for them to read proficiently.  This app will give your child the skill of speaking the ending blend sounds in words.

There are approximately 200 ending blend words for your child to explore.  These ending blends are: ct; ft; mp; nk; nd; nt; ld; lp; lf; lt; pt; rd; sk; sp and st.  There are also 30 sentences highlighting ending blend words.

The ending blends song teaches the ending blend sounds and its usage in words.  Your child will also learn about Jesus coming to earth in the end to save us and take us home where we will live with Him forever.

Bible Phonics Plus E-Books

( Pre K to Grade 3)

Elisha The Prophet

The Elisha E-Book tells of the account of Elisha and the pot. (Ages 6-8)

Peter The Fisherman

The Peter E-Book give the account of Peter meeting Jesus and the big catch of fish that follows. (Ages 6-8)

Samson The Judge

The Samson E-Book shares some highlights in the life of Samson. (Ages 6-8)

Jonah The Prophet

The Jonah E-Book gives the story of Jonah in the belly of the great fish. (Ages 6-8)

Night of the Last Supper

The Last Supper e-Book shares the account of Jesus and the last night he spent with His disciples before He died on the cross. (Ages 6-8)

Bible Phonics Plus

Interactive App Books

( Pre K to Grade 3)

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Frequently Used Words

Frequently used words assist children to become faster and more fluent readers. Knowledge of these words also increases children’s vocabulary and aids in comprehension of texts. Each Level is designed for specific age groups: Frequently Used Words 1 (2-5 years), Frequently Used Words 2 (2-5 years), Frequently Used Words 3 (Grades 1-3) and Frequently Used Words 4 (Grades 1-3).

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Sight Words

Sight words are usually words that children identify instantly (within three seconds) and can read without having to use decoding skills.  Each Level is designed for specific age groups: Sight Words 1 (2-5 years), Sight Words 2 (Grades 1-3) and Sight Words 3 (Grades 1-3).