Bible Phonics Plus is an engaging and revolutionary new phonics/reading program that marries the important Biblical truths found in God’s Word. BPP follows the science of reading that uses systematic, intensive instruction which caters for all children. BPP focuses on how reading develops and how we can prevent your child from failing to read by teaching young children the core areas of reading; phonics and whole word awareness to help your little one become a proficient reader. It makes learning to read enjoyable and interactive by integrating technology and catering for all different learners which ensures that your child is comfortable, encouraged and excited to learn.

Bible Phonics Plus

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Features of Bible Phonics Plus!

It comprises of interactive apps, app books, catchy worship songs, lively animations, easy to use workbooks, reading books, and flashcards.


Over 3200 interactive activities.


Over 180 lessons.


Over 30 worship and educational songs.


Over 25 books.


Over 1000 scriptures.

Take Learning One Step At a Time

 Over 180 lessons. More than 3,000 Individual Learning Activities.

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Learn anywhere on your Android tablets and smartphones!

Benefits of Bible Phonics Plus 

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Bible Phonics Plus provides one-on-one learning where your child will be engaged in an environment that will allow them to learn at a rate that suits their level of ability comfortably ensuring that they acquire progress and understand as they learn to read. The lessons and games can be repeated to help your child review and overcome any difficulties.

Bible Phonics Plus

focuses on the core elements of reading; 

Phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify and manipulate the individual sounds in words.

Phonics – the ability to link sounds to letters, also known as the alphabetic principle.

Fluency – reading automatically and accurately, with appropriate tone and accounting for punctuation.

Vocabulary – building the bank of words a child can automatically recognise.

Comprehension – reading for meaning and making inferences from text.

Bible Phonics Plus is flexible and can cater to both parents and child’s time frame. The program is also available to you on your android tablets and smartphones allowing your child to learn anywhere and making it easy for parents to assist and monitor their kids at the same time.

Bible Phonics Plus

makes reading FUN!

Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. Bible Phonics Plus caters to peak the interest of your child with lots of vibrant  animations and visuals, fun games, lessons and catchy worship songs.


Benefits of using Bible Phonics Plus Workbooks:

A workbook can be defined as a book designed to guide the work of a student by inclusion of questions, exercises, etc. a book in which a record is kept of work completed or planned.


Children can work independently.


BPP workbooks teaches critical thinking skills.


Workbooks are some children’s preferred method of learning.


Children get to practice skills like; attention, concentration, and handwriting, along with subject matter.


Workbooks are able to be flexible; caters to the academic level of any child.

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